A God-Kind of Love

Her children rise up and call her blessed.

Proverbs 31:28a

There is a large monument in Mexico City, Monumento a la Madre (Monument to the Mother), on which are inscribed these words: “To her who loves us before she meets us.”

Certainly those words refer primarily to the maternal love for an unborn child a mother feels even before the child leaves the womb. But it must also refer to the unconditional nature of a mother’s love. Before knowing her child’s appearance or personality or health, a mother says, “I love you.”

A mother’s love is a God-kind of love—the kind of love Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a; the kind of love that “never fails.” It has been said that a mother is someone with whom you may not see eye to eye, but is someone who will always walk with you arm in arm.

In other words, a mother is one who loves not because love is returned, but because she chooses to love. We forget that both male and female have their origins in God, and surely it is mothers who represent His tender compassion and His loyal steadfast love.

Don’t forget this Weekend to honor your mother (or her memory) with tangible expressions of thanks to the one who gave you life. And say a prayer for mothers everywhere—a prayer of thanks, and for God’s sustaining grace


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